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Perfect North Slopes Update!

Hey Everybody,

I'm sorry I've been absent from the blogs for quite some time. New Baby Tyd, vehicular problems, blah blah blah.. you know how it goes.
I thought i would take this opportunity to fill everyone in on what is happening at Perfect North Slopes this summer, since that is probably a large reason why most of you are here.

Currently at Perfects we are installing a large new drainage pipe to allow for better snow melt, and to prevent snow from melting in standing water. At the same time we are adding updated snowmaking lines up Center Stage and Audition to allow for increased snowmaking capabilities on those two runs. In this process the lower portion of Jam Session Tuff Enuff, Center Stage, and most importantly the Terrain Park! will all get regraded, which will allow for much more effective snowmaking and moving of the snow around. All of this effort is to make way for the replacement of the current deck behind all three lodges with a larger Concrete deck.

The New Deck
 The new deck will be approx. twice as large as the current wood deck, allowing for much more outdoor seating on those busy nice days. The new deck, as proposed has provisions for heating in the floor to allow for much more efficient and effective snow melt during snowmaking and natural snow fall. Though i haven't seen the most current plan for the deck there will be some significant changes to the flow getting to the snow, with the new steps in locations. In addition to the upperdeck being much larger the lower deck will be getting a full face-lift as well. With a concrete deck up above the lower deck will be more protected from the elements allowing us to do more with it, it may also get a concrete floor and could potentially result in more seating. All of these elements should drastically improve the customer experience during the winter.

The only hitch in the whole deal is the cost, which means that the project may not happen all this summer. At the least the hope is to do the West lodge portion of the deck this summer which would mean a drastic change in the layout of the gravel drive area on the west lodge end.

In addition to the new snowmaking lines we are swapping out 4 old snowguns for brand new ones, which should increase snow production in those areas.

As part of a "Green Initiative" at Perfects we have planted over 100 new pine trees throughout the area. With new trees replacing dying/dead trees around the bottoms of the lifts as well as in between Deception and Meadows. This season you will find new trees planted...

  • Near the bottom of Carpet 4 in the Beginner's Area
  • Near the bottom of the Orange Chair
  • Near the Race Hut and snow guns near the bottom of Far Side
  • Above the unload area at the top of the Green Chair
  • Near the top of the White Chair
  • Near the Maint Building
  • Near the bottom of the Green Chair

All of these new trees should add to the winter atmosphere at the area.

Other small projects are planned but we haven't got there yet

And now why you're all REALLY here

Terrain Park changes:

So i have several plans for the Terrain Park this season including several new rails which may or may not be...

  • 22' Rainbow Box 12" Wide
  • S-Rail revamp: All new skirting with a rail added to the bottom so that Suzy can be slid with right-hand C first instead of a Left-Hand C
  • Several smaller boxes for Jam Session
  • Wally will get some loving to make it more park crew Friendly so that it can be out on the snow more often.
  • Staircase will become Down Kink Rail and Urban Down Rail*
  • C-box should make a re-appearance
  • Several more Barrel Bonks
  • Finding some random objects to throw on the snow

* So since i know that some people are going to freak out about the dismantling of the Staircase i thought i would take the opportunity to argue my points before i get 20 responses... The staircase is VERY difficult to place on the snow, and virtually impossible to move once its out there, thus making changing up of the park more difficult. The two rails attached to the staircase would with out a doubt be two of the most popular rails in the park if they weren't attached to a set of stairs. The stairs only seem to act as an intimidation factor keeping people who could easily slide them away. The stairs represent a large risk out on the snow, from Joey's that ski into them unknowingly, to novices who hit them accidentally, they are an unnecessary risk. Plus during the removal of the Staircase this spring the framework was drastically damaged, so even to repair it would require many hours.

Wow enough about that

I also hope to build a new Entry Gate for the Audition Terrain park which will make opening and closing the park much easier as well as provide a professional looking area to place our necessary signage. I'm hoping to institute an incentivized Park Education Program that will help teach Riders about park etiquette, park rules, and most importantly park safety. In that process i hope to be building a new website for The Terrain Parks of Perfect North Slopes that will include much of that information as well as daily blog updates about the park, information about events and park staff, as well as media from the park. Look for that this fall HOPEFULLY!

So I think that pretty much wraps up my Perfect North Slopes UPDATE! So look for those new changes at Perfects and if any of those changes change, I'll post them up here or in the BLOGs..

Perfect North Slopes Update!

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