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Merry F'n Christmas

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or Happy Hanukkah, or Merry Kwanzaa, or ya know whatever it is that you celebrate...  have a happy one.  While we're on the subject i really hate that people aren't allowed to tell you Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas or anything like that at the stores and companies and stuff... it sucks that the world has got to that point where you can't wish someone happiness without getting sued. Pretty dumb.  Anyway on a happier note i would like for everyone to hope for some cold weather, like even 25º or so.  I hope we get some snow soon to help out the slopes, and its starting to feel a bit cooler which is nice.  Well anyway i don't have much else, just wanted to tell everyone to have a Happy Holiday and remember what its all about, i mean i hope you get what you want, but remember that its nice to be alive and with the people you love and that love you.

Happy ________,

the evo of fp

first off...the new site is sick and makes us all pumped again.  i think if we can get est. a little in Wisconsin.....maybe making some stickers again.  we could have the pull to make some clothes again?     which would be awesome.  I am also stoked on the PFC pages up and running.  the campS are going to be intense in more than one way... sooooo much to do. 

im tired

im going to have a nap

i cant wait to get home for a little bit and just ski at Perfect North...oh my...its going to be glorious




Slime, jibs, and sunshine.

Hey clowns,

 The last few weeks of my life have been ridiculous.  We received around 24 inches of the fresh in 2 days so I OBVIOUSLY went skiing at Brighton.  It was dumping, and I got face shots on every turn.  Also, it snowed about 5 inches down here on campus, which is sorta rare.  It was urban madness.  Picture any rail that you've seen in a ski/snowboard movie that you know is in SLC....... it was slayed by the 4bi9 crew.  There were a few firsts that weekend, which is hard to do in this city.  My dude Timzilla hit this double gap rail, like 15 down, 2 foot gap, 15 down, 2 foot gap, 20 down.  As far as anyone knows we've never seen or heard of anyone do it. 

 Anyway.....  one of the days we went up to Brighton and built a booter.  It was our first booter session ever, and it went pretty well.  It was prolly a 40 footer, into waist deep pow.  It sucks though, because beneath that waist deep was rocks.  And after it got bombed, people started to get broken.  sucked. 

 After Brighton got all tracked we went to PC a lot.  Recently the whole Dynastar team was there (Rainville, Martinod, Loic Collomb Patton, Dion, Belanger, Sean Decker, etc. etc.).  We got to partake in this "demo" with them, and it was sick.  everyone threw down on these boxes, and it was mad progressive.  Afterward, we had pigs in a blanket.  It was sick. 

The other day I bought a car.  It's a 1997 VW Passat wagon.  Its got rims, an all black leather interior, and a system.  Ohh, and it's lowered.  Needless to say, it looks pretty Mexican.  I'm finally done with classes, and am currently procrastinating about everything.  IF there's one thing I learned this semester it's  "Why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow".  hahah, just kidding, but seriously, my roomates live by that.  I'm trying to study and finish this semester, but it's hard. 

 I finally got my Libertbeats (Libertys) the other day, which are actually pretty sick.  They're made in a new factory, and are solid, and somewhat soft.  The same day I got my Liberbeats, I signed up for the USOpen.... but apparently I cheated so got kicked out already.  The registration was wierd, and only 5 people could do it at a time.  When 700 people click one link at the exact same time, it makes for a long wait to get to the registration screen.  Soooo, some clown posted a link to get to bypass the waiting screen, and get to the registration screen, so i used it, and apparently that's not allowed.  So, because of that link, the whole registration system is messed up, and a few hundred people have to enter this "lottery" and possible be one of the lucky 25 people that get in.  effing dick.

 There hasn't been a cloud in the sky since that last storm.... It's been nonstop bluebird, and amazing.  This is my worst blog to date, because i'm mad tired and suck at writing.  I wish I had pictures and stuff to post.... 

IF you want to see a pretty sick edit of the storm week, let me know via aol or something.  I can't post it on here because it's supposed to be sent to sponsors for our movie, so just ask me somehow, and i'll send you the link.  If you re-post it i'll own you. 

I come home in less than two weeks to shred PNS.  I'm more stoked that you can believe. This is my worst blog to date, because i'm mad tired and suck at writing.  I wish I had pictures and stuff to post....  


From Rich, with love.
4bi9 for life.

Word of the week:  Slime.  Today I won slimeball of the day award.  Apparently i looked gross, and need to shave my mustache.  October 9th until now it quite awhile for a hairy upper lip. 
"Tom is a slimer.... he just dripped out of his bed this morning like a puddle......  he leaves a grimey slime trail everywhere." 

Hey Everybody!

Just a little note from Park City.

 Still we have barely any snow. It's been over a week sence the last dumping, and it's not looking too good. I'm finding it hard to complain though because I already have 11 days in, and will most likely ski until I come home next friday. I must say that the Canyons is a ton of fun to play at. Last Wednesday we got about 20 inches, lets just say its a tid-bit different then groomers. I spent the majority of my day floundering around like a fish out of water. Thigh deep pow in the trees is a new experience for me. Its rather strange to not only not be able to see your skis, but your legs too. 

For those that want a little info about my job... I can't stand my boss, they told us last week no Christmas bonus', and no raises. Other then that crap the job is great, I mean I allready have 11 days of skiing in, and the golf course is amazing.

I guess thats enough for now. I'll see everybody in two weeks at good old Perfect's



Cheese Curds, Cog Tags, Serious Cold, Serious Luck, .... Byaaaaa!

SO... this past friday, NOV 30th 2006, i am sitting at home thinking about doing nothing and i get on the horn with my dude AHALL... turns out the guy is going to CASCADE WI. so OBVIOUSLY... im like hey bro, im coming to. So we choose our fate, and i drop some skrill on some buddy passes, (which are amazing) and we go to Sincinnasti International Airport and hope that some ones doesnt show up for their flight, sure enough we get on a 9:15 flight to Madison Wisconsin. We show up and ohhh man is it cold there. Trav Picks us up from the airport and we head to check out the ski area. It is pretty similar to PNS, is wider but not too much taller... there park will be soo sick. very long and with a Detachble high speed quad running right up the side of it. "PFC North" on that run will be unmatched.

Saturday andy and i get up at the crack of dawn and head (now that i am in college, crack of dawn seems be around 8am.)to the ski area with Trav. they had a small (10ft) jump, and like a 20ft box. it was pretty fun, we were just stoked to be skiing. 

We snag some cheese curds... which are like mozzarella sticks, but more like nuggets and they are delicious. then after a long cold day of skiing we grab some buffet,  then head to trav and toms appartment to play some Xbox... we played gears of war, and beat the game... if u havent seen or played this game, it is the sickest game ever.

Sunday comes along we shred a little do some jibs, get stoked on the ski area... and i dont know if u guys have noticed but andy and i while grabbin' some krispy kreme's from a gas station notice a 12 OUNCE CAN OF RED BULL.... normal sized red bull is 8.6 ounces, we were stoked.

We pack up our gear and head to the airport. I had never flown stand-by before... haha turns out you have to dress all nice and i felt like the biggest goon with slacks and dress shoes on. Also when you are coming home ona standy-by flight it is sooo nerve racking, especailly when you know the flight you are trying to get on, is the last one for the day.

Over all, very SICK trip... esp. since i planned on being bored this whole weekend.

If you are ever in Madion WI in the winter deff make the effort to check out Cascade Mountain.

Thanks for reading,



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