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My quick summer recap

So i asked tad to turn this blog thing back on and have yet to make a post so i decided to do a quick recap..

we drove to CO and UT

We found a kitty in the parking lot.

we then went skiing and i only took this picture

I then came home and started dating Erin the girl on the left, she put on funny sweatshirts with becca and stephen got something stuck in his teeth

I got this dog (Charlie Jihad Mohammed Dirka Dirka Von Falkenberg Feiss) Stephen hates him.

I went home again and saw steph who had knee surgery

i then went to seth and julies wedding and licked richies head?

i went to cumberland and almost got a backflip on the air chair. but not this one

i also went to lake norris and tried this and it hurt

Thats all for now.. more later maybe

Blogs are back...

So i'm sure that everyone has gotten out of the habit of looking at the Blogs page, but hopefully those with the power will bring them back to life...

 I currently don't have time to post what all is new in my life, because well i guess there is a lot...  but here is a short list..

 I rolled my Jeep 2.5 times...  fun but i wouldn't recommend it...

I'm going to be a daddy... Alix and i are super stoked about that!

I've been doing Graphic Design all summer... pretty sweet

I'm sure there is much more... but that will do for now...


Keep Coming back for more blog entries by everyone...



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