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Not much going on lately

hey guys, hasnt been much happening lately, lots and lots of work. but i did get a new camera for xmas from me mom.. she is very rad.  Cascade mountain is now open and we have been killing it. tom has been working way way too much, stephen has as well... we are starting to clean up the rest of our rails so we can hold a golf style comp this weekend. should be a killer time (dec 15th) if you can make it. each hole has a trick and a # of tries to get it. if par is 4 and your trick is blindside switchup, and you nail it in 2 you got an eagle and are 2 under par.. 9 holes across the resort. if you guys wanna come up for new years eve we should be having a good time up here for the 2nd annual richie fahey open. i have been filming some stuff here and there for the cascade mountain podcast and facebook, so check that out when you get a chance...

i will for sure have pictures after this weekends events and hopefully some more snowmaking pictures and stuff, tad and a couple guys are coming up for a couple days for work stuff and hopefully i can get some pointers on how to work my camera a little better

so for now here are some pictures till i get some better ones

so these are pretty boring but hopefully soon i will have some decently exciting ones...?

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Sun 21 Apr 2019, 09:11 AM