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Here i sit.

Round 1

I don't have much to say, just trying out our new blog deal.  I stand to graduate on dec 17th with a degree from Purdue University in Hospitality and Tourism Managment providing I pass all of my classes this semester.  So thats good i guess.  The plan is to move to Portage WI where I will work along side of Tom and Trav doing something with the food and beverage department seeing as that is something that i can apply my good learned skills at.  I go through phases on if its awesome moving up there or not. Im sure we will have a good time, but Perfect North Slopes is seriously the greatest place on earth.  Although things have changed and this year will be different, some of what made Perfects amazing has been altered.  Its nothing that you have to worry about if you dont already know...... anyway, i once saw with mine own eyes Perfect North barf magic.  Mind you that PNS may have been the first and last inanimate object to ever create magic much less barf it.

ummmmmm, my joints are damn near shot and my hips hurt. 

I love my VW.

i currently have all the bikes i need so i do not need to buy anymore for a little bit. 

 Ever met my parents? rockstars.

I miss my sister...she is awesome

how about some good quotes to sum up.....

"Think about what you are doing, not what could happen"

"work to live, not live to work"

"you only live once, but if you do it well, then once is enough"

"The second you stop fighting it, time is on your side"

"Nothing in life worth having comes easy"

listen to good music and learn to appreciate everything for what its worth. work towards killing it all the time. NOTHING is for sure. Take NOTHING for granted.

 there ya go

-Stephen Osborn

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