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Winter Park goodness

Good afternoon everyone

       Turns out Winter park is amazing in my opinion. Nate and I rented out a house in Winter Park along with some kids from the Northern Colorado Riders club here on campus. First we killed it on a jumpline consisting of 4 jumps and a crazy amount of boxes and some rails, all of which were exceptionally fun, not to mention the bluebird skies showering its foxy sun raises down on us.

       Anyways, the house held up all things considering and all went pretty swell, I did however end up putting a 7 year old's bathing suit on in search for a hottub and lets just say it didn't compliment me well...good news is it didn't break. So yeah, now that you have all heard how sick Winter Park, Colorado is and I've enlightened you with an awkward story about myself, you should go check out some of the pics on the forum under "Nate and Steph at WP".......

       Have a nice day,


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Sun 21 Apr 2019, 08:49 AM